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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day

I am just getting around to posting a few pictures from Mother's Day.  It seems that I have been battling allergies and now some sort of respiratory infection the past few weeks and of course that makes everything harder. Nevertheless, the children went out of their way to make Mother's Day special!  We went to church and on the way home, they said that Dad had called in Macaroni Grill and I was to drive there to pick it up! That was nice! They also had gifts of chocolate, bath salts,  and very thoughtful cards.  They cleaned up lunch and let me nap.  We all missed daddy but all in all it was a nice day.  I will have to try and top that for Father's Day??!!

Logan's special card for me.

The children before lunch.

Daddy had sent his signature to Emma to print off for my Mother's Day card.  The kids picked out the card that read, "There is nothing that can come between us...except the kids!" Funny!

My sweet gifts!

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