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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

B-Huts and Belly Laughs

I have enjoyed writing about my B-Hut accommodations, all the while still thankful that it was mostly warm at night, even during the coldest parts of winter. On the whole, it's not too bad a place and I am grateful for simply having anywhere to lay my head each night. Nonetheless, you have to enjoy some good laughs now and then at some of the irony regarding the emphasis around safety in Afghanistan.

This particular YouTube video gave me a good belly laugh because it describes the B-huts extremely well and does so in quite a funny way. Although slightly exaggerated, it's closer to true than not. B-Huts are definitely not the place you want to be during rocket attacks because if the projectile doesn't hurt you when it penetrates the plywood, the B-Hut will burn down in less than 30 seconds once it's on fire since it's a 100% plywood structure. Either way, not a good situation! We laugh about it because we have to wear these silly reflective belts at night to avoid getting run over by large tactical vehicles, yet somehow it's ok to sleep out in the open, completely undefended. How do you reconcile that?

60 days and counting! Home is getting closer.


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