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Monday, May 7, 2012

April Catch Up

It has been a little over two weeks since I moved in to our home in Schertz (San Antonio).  The family is gone and people are back to their routines.  We too, are working on establishing our new routines, schedules, chore charts, selecting activities to plug into, and finding our new way of life...again.  The boxes are gone and the house is fairly normal.  There are still a few pictures to hang and a few curtains to be hung.  For the most part though we are settled.  After six weeks of being focused on the move, I am now back facing the reality that my husband is deployed.  We have a new bed that he will not sleep in for several more months.  I keep thinking I will just wait until John is home in a week or so and he can handle the mail that is piling up, the ladder that needs to be taken downstairs (ok I just moved it!), finish hanging the pictures on the walls and can help put the children to bed at night.  I have such a better appreciation for all that deployed families experience now that we are facing it personally.

I do have much more support here though, and for that I am thankful.  I have already met a couple new neighbors that have husbands deployed. I look forward to getting together with them.  I have had such good conversations at church!  We are having to juggle activities since there are so many opportunities!  So on the whole, it is much better to be here.  However, I still have a 2 year old and I still have a teenager!  And I have a few children in between that need lots!  In fact, if daddy doesn't get home soon....my five year old may need a counselor...or I might!  All in all, April will be another of those monumental months in the life of the Childs' family.  We continue to give God thanks for his protection of us during the travels (I was rear ended in John's car the day we were moving but all was ok), and the protection of John.  John had a semi- fun birthday Afghanistan style, but he certainly felt loved by so many!  I have felt that love too!  Thank you!

Here are a few fun random pictures from the last month.

Flat Daddy still travels with us!

Easter Cookies

Lily feeding daddy a crouton!

Emma went to Family Gala...a fun home school event!

Every time I turn around Lauren is upside down...I did get her into gymnastics here!

Logan doing a cartwheel on a last trip to the beach

I see a theme...my children are usually upside down!  Luke loved being in the house with no furniture!

Hiking the Moss Preserve in Birmingham...we spent some time with John's parents before we left.

At the Peach Park...a special place south of Birmingham where John took me when we were dating!  You get homemade ice cream and fresh fruit and sit on swings! 

Lily on the trampoline...thank you to so many who put up, took down, and then put up the trampoline!

At the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.  

Thank you to so many people who continue to bless our family by helping with the driving, teaching my children at church, inviting me for coffee and just stopping for conversation!  

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