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Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Old in a War Zone

I turned the magic "40" a couple of days ago (Apr 28) so got to experience the momentous occasion in Afghanistan. Having just returned from Kuwait the day prior on an overnight flight (so no sleep for 24 hours), I actually slept through most of my actual birthday. However, thanks to a number of efforts from Amy, my Mom, and my JC2RT teammates (particularly Jennifer Hatzfeld), my birthday was a special one, despite being so far from home. I found out the office in San Antonio even had a full blown birthday party. I apparently even attended in the form of an anatomical skeleton dressed up as me! Watching the video of my actual birthday party was a bit surreal, and the caricature of me was quite funny (and I will confess too close for comfort)! Thanks to everyone who made the day special. Here are a few of the birthday photos from Afghanistan:


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