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Friday, April 6, 2012

100 Days and Counting

I've officially been in Afghanistan now for 79 days, which leaves 100 to go...almost in 2-digit territory! In other terms, I am 44.1341% (precision counts) of the way through. The flip side is that I only have 55.8659% of my deployment remaining. I have "expired" 1,896 hours or 113,760 minutes or 6,825,600 seconds. This means I only have 2,400 hours or 144,00 minutes or 8.640,000 seconds left. Of course, if you count from the time I left home for pre-deployment training (which was ~12 days) rather than when I arrived into Afghanistan, the math gets more complicated.

But, who is counting anyways!:) In simple terms, halfway is just around the corner and then it's downhill from there!


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