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Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 10 – Things I Miss the Most about the U.S.

1.     Amy and the kids – This is by far #1 on the list. There is no comparison.
2.     Everyone else I am used to interacting with on a regular basis - It’s primarily about the people, not the stuff.
3.     Reliable internet – It’s apparently much better than previous years but still sketchy service and very slow. I am thankful though to have connectivity. Many outside the wire do not.
4.     Multi-ply toilet paper – You can read about it here if you need further explanation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilet_paper).
5.     Access to indoor restrooms and showers a la stateside standards (are you starting to get the point?:))
6.     Real time news and sports – We have Armed Forces Network, but it’s mostly delayed and with a limited selection.
7.     My bed at home – More importantly, I miss the individual who sleeps next to me in it!
8.     Wearing civilian clothes - I am proud to wear the uniform but getting tired of wearing it 24-7.
9.     Driving a car – This is when I did most of my talking on the phone. I now have to carve out time during my day to get this done.
10.  Ruth’s Chris – I eat there on trips to San Antonio since I typically stay at a hotel nearby. “Surf and turf” on Friday night in Afghanistan is a good try, but it’s no match for a 12 oz filet medium rare.

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