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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decision to Move

I thought I would express a few of my (our thoughts) about the decision we have made to move back to San Antonio.  I never thought I would be in this place (making a decision to move my household by myself and also committing to having 2 household for a little over a year once John returns)...but after much prayer and counsel this is where we stand.  Right after John was deployed, many people suggested I move back "home."  The hard thing was that we had rented our house in San Antonio with a 2 year lease.  So we had no place to go back to and we did not feel that it was God's will to start over with a new house or rental.  However, about a month ago, our renters asked us if we would even consider letting them out of their lease early as they wanted to move onto base.  They have since found out that their father/dad is getting deployed later this year.  We wanted to honor their request and we also viewed this as God opening an amazing door in providing a way back!  Therefore, we have begun the process of all the logistics associated with a move of this type.  We do understand that once John returns from deployment he will still have some time at Keesler before he can retire.  We know he will be managing several projects back in San Antonio and we experienced how often he needed to travel for work even in the four months we were here. 

There have been times when I have felt a little overwhelmed with all my emotions and the thoughts of moving by myself.  One of the gifts my husband has is the ability to assimilate information, ponder it, and make a decision.  That is it!  He is a good decision maker and he doesn't typically look back.  He does make decisions prayerfully and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  However, he is not one to question how God leads him.  This has been helpful to me, as I find myself not so confident sometimes.  I do believe this will be a good thing for our family.  The children are elated!

Yesterday, I was waiting for a child to be done with music lessons and I was driving around the area thinking and praying.  The other children were in the back watching a movie (don't judge me!) and I was able to see real beauty here.  It was in the trees, in some new parks I found, and I thought "God does have beauty in many places and many forms"  For the past 9 months it has been hard for me to see the beauty here.  I am so thankful that my memories of this time in our life will be of that beauty and growth.  It has been so hard and so good.  I have referenced the pruning process of God so many times.  We are pruned down to the branches.  I pray now for even more growth and fruitfulness.  I am also overwhelmed that God would be so gracious to provide a path for us to get back to San Antonio...through a deployment that I NEVER would have imagined.  

I am so appreciative of all your support.  I still have the summer to get through without John.  We will go on our summer vacation without daddy. The boys still cry at night.  So does Lauren.  So do I sometimes.  Lily is still 2 and Emma is still a teenager! The other night Logan asked, "Mommy, has it been 6 weeks in my lifetime yet?"  I finally realized he was trying to figure out when daddy would be home (6 months+his training time).  Right now a paper chain of 110 days is still too much for a 5 year old.  

I thought you might like to see a picture of John...I am thankful to talk with him most days!
There are some great murals on the hallways of the hospital so I get to see him with a good backdrop!

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Kim Hermann said...

John & Amy,
We were wondering if it would be helpful to have a couple drivers or moving helpers. Depending on the dates, we might be able to do that if you don't already have it all covered.

Dave and Kim Hermann