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Friday, March 30, 2012

B-Huts and Mobile Homes

What do B-Huts and mobile homes have in common? We’ve all seen the images on television after a tornado rips through a town. Mobile homes and other structures that are not hardened are obviously the most vulnerable, hence where there is typically a disproportionate amount of destruction in these areas. Of course, the news is also geared around the destruction sites, so we see disproportionately numbers of residents in mobile home parks being interviewed. I even remember thinking as a kid that tornadoes simply had it out for mobile homes and carved out their path accordingly!

I am not speaking with any data here so take these comments with a grain of salt (and a sense of humor please), but here’s the analogy. I am curious if the same holds true for IDF (our “hurricanes” at Bagram) and B-Huts (even more vulnerable than a mobile home because it’s nothing more than a ply wood box). The IDF is intermittent but it’s safe to say that it seems like at least once a week is not uncommon. It's harmless enough most of the time, but when you hear stories about people getting hurt, my recollection is that folks always seem to be in their B-Hut when it happens! After all, they are highly vulnerable since they are made of 100% wood (and will burn down in less than 30 seconds if there is a fire). Speaking of which, I laugh when I see the smoke alarm in my room because I am not sure I’d have time to wake up and get out before the whole thing went up in flames!

In any event (and I am not sure this logic flows), I have to wear a yellow reflective belt anytime after dusk (safety, safety, safety as everyone says) so I don’t get run over by any number of the really large tactical vehicles driving around base like the MRAP. It seems odd to me then that I would be asked to live in a B-Hut, where I spend at least 7-8 hours a day, most of that sleeping. Dead to the world, I am completely unaware of the risk around me. In all fairness, many others at forward operating bases live in tents, so it’s hard to complain. Nonetheless, I think I will keep using a bit of common sense and spend as much of my awake time at the hospital and other hardened buildings and just entertain the odds in my B-Hut while sleeping.

Of course, the great news is that God is sovereign, so all of this is as much for humor and self reflection as anything else. Nonetheless, I appreciate you hearing out a live version of my stream of consciousness this evening! I am genuinely thankful to even have a roof over my head and am still in a relative place of safety.


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