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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

John and I have almost never exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day.  We are too cheap, practical, etc. to spend money on this holiday.  We would go out to eat like a week before or after and call it a Valentine's celebration.  We also have rarely spent it together since for the past 10 years or so, the Combined Sections Meeting of the APTA has usually held their annual week long conference somewhere around or over this "couple's holiday". Now that we have children we have had to do more...because they want to go shopping for us!  So we found ourselves buying some gifts for each other from the kids.  It is a good thing for them to see their parents loving each other.  While we are apart, it is important for me to continue talking fondly and lovingly about their dad with them...since they do not see us together.  We have spent a lot of time remembering our times together as a family.  The kids love it when I tell them about when they were little, about a particularly hard move, or fun things they used to say when they were little.  With John gone, this seems extra special to them right now...and to me too! This is another lesson I have learned over the past few weeks. Our kids love to see us when we were younger...how bad we looked or our (my) funny hairstyles, pregnancies, etc.  So in the essence of being humble, I will share a collection of some of our special times together...because they mean so much to us! 

"I Still Do"

John made dinner for me in San Antonio when we still dating!

At a friend's wedding in Boston shortly after we married.

The Grand Canyon...stationed at D-M.

On Crystal Pier in San Diego.

Our first house in Tucson!  And the brick patio that John and my father put down in the summer heat!

Our first year at Pine Cove...this will be our 8th!
Another year at Pine Cove...one of the many that I was pregnant....

Our 10th Anniversary!

Another Pine Cove pregnant picture!

Taking our daughter to the Family Gala.  We have a 6th grader and a 6 month old in this picture!

Pine Cove last year...we were preparing to move to MS, but we had no idea what else the Lord had for us!

  I am thankful to go through life with this man!

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