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Monday, February 20, 2012


These gifts have helped to bring joy to our family during this deployment!  Thank you to all and for all who who have prayed!  One of the best gifts we have received is the news that our neighbor has accepted Christ as his Savior!  He has changed some habits in his life and most notably he is soaking in God's Word everyday! This brought great joy to our family!
Team "Childs"

Notes from John's colleagues for the kids.  One said "Your dad rocks!" We agree.

A box of Valentines from John's colleagues! 

Gifts from Grandma and Papa!

And lots of candy from Mim and Pop!

Daddy sent gifts from Afghanistan (and some other stuff that is he is ready to get rid of...I think one of his coping strategies is to send stuff home to pretend that he is about to leave)...kind of breaks my heart to think we have 5 more months! 

Emma helping Lily open her gift.

Lauren's birthstone

Emma's birthstone

Afghan bracelets.  I am sure there is some history with this stuff, but I think John actually had someone else shop for him as that is not his thing!

Knives for the boys.

A local weaving for a souvenir!  

Rob Wainner has mentored John since he was in grad school...he and his wife continue to minister and bless our family 20 years later!  That is a friendship.

A family that we have only met a time or two stopped by the house to bring us this "Seeds of Righteousness" devotional study.  It was created by their son as a boy scout project and they thought of us!

My mom...

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