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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching Up...

The last two weeks have been a good kind of busy.  Emma flew to San Antonio to attend Winter Camp with her Jr. High Youth Group.  This was something we had been planning for a while and I was going to fly her to San Antonio.  While she went to camp, I would get to visit with some of my friends and eat at some of my favorite places that I miss terribly in San Antonio.  Well, with John gone it was going to be harder for me to take Emma...so she flew by herself.  She has flown by herself before, but never had to change planes and terminals.  So I dropped her off in Gulfport and she made her way through the Houston airport and onto San Antonio.  It was a great time for her!  On the way home, she was accompanied by Kaylah Koch, our sweet family friend and precious nanny.  Kaylah came to our family when we were in desperate need of some help after we took in 2 foster girls (a 2 month old and a 3 year old).  Our youngest was 5 months at the time and it was shortly after the Haiti earthquake...and really it is another story for another post.  Anyway, Kaylah became a part of our family and it was so good to have her here in Mississippi.  If I didn't look around too much I could pretend that we were back in SA and life was as it used to be. 

While Emma was in SA, I took the other 4 children to Birmingham to visit my mother and father-in-law, John's sister and the cousins.  It is about 5 hours to drive there, but it is a good diversion for us.  The last time we were up there was when John had received the notice that we needed to get home ASAP since he would be deploying in 5 days.  I am glad I conquered those memories and will look forward to visiting his parents home with him!  We kept our schedule busy by going on a field trip to the McWane Center.  It was a fun time and the highlight was touching the sharks. 

Stephanie, Kaylah and Emma at camp.

Touching the stingrays and hammerhead sharks.

Lily loved the fish!

You had to catch them fast to touch them!

The boys goofing around.

Inside a bubble room!

Luke pretending to have his head in the dinosaur's jaws.

Fun stuff....an outline of Luke's face.

The butterfly wall.

Lily with her Aunt Julie on the iPad.  We went over to their church gym to let the boys and cousin Mary run around!

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