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Friday, January 20, 2012

Worth It!

John was able to have dinner with an old friend the night before he left the country.  He made the comment that some people just make you feel great about yourself and life in general. Steve is one of those people!  We met Steve and Paula 15 years ago when we were stationed in Tucson, AZ.  Neither one of us had children...but we navigated parenthood, marriage, and life in the military together through many backyard BBQs.  It was a special time for sure! John was also able to have dinner with Robyn and Garrett (another set of  friends from many assignments ago).  He commented, "It was just like old times."  There were many more people he wanted to meet with, but had very limited time.  I must say everyone was so willing to drive and come see him. I suppose those who live around the D.C. area get used to driving a lot!


Thanks Steve and Robyn and Garrett for being an encouragement to my husband!  It is these relationships and the people we have met along this journey that make life in the military even more worth it!

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