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Sunday, January 22, 2012

On the Ground in Bagram

John made it to Bagram...finally!  There was a 4 hour delay once he was on the flight to leave for Afghanistan.  Evidently, that was rough.  The plane was delayed because the cold weather was causing electrical malfunctions.  He sat on the tarmac with no food, water, bathroom and freezing cold temps (like -20 F outside) and no heat inside.  He said it was the hardest part of the trip so far.  When he landed in Bagram there was 16 inches of snow on the ground and the bus he was in had to be towed.  He was appreciative of his team at the Passenger Terminal to greet him, get his bags and tell him where to go.  He said that he really was at the point where you are so tired it is hard to function.  He did get a nice "B" Hut (it is all relative remember?) and he is headed for bed.  I will update later, but did want to thank you for prayers during his travels.  We kept reminding ourselves that it is all perspective as I was asking him how it was to finally be there.  He did say that although it was 30 degrees F and there was the largest snow storm they have had in a while...it was still 50 degrees warmer than when he left Manas...Perspective!!!! It is all perspective!!!!

Looking forward in his plane...the cargo door in the back is open and that it why it is cold. 

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Mom / Connie said...

I'm SO glad he's there. Sorry that the flight was rough and so cold. I'm glad I didn't know that while it was happening. I hope he's getting some good sleep now!