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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lauren's Birthday

A Peek Into Our Week

While John has been navigating his way across the world, back in Mississippi we have been trying to "normalize" life without daddy.  The only birthday John was to miss during his deployment (other than his own big 40!) was Lauren's 11th birthday.  We did go out to dinner before he left, but it was a little somber.

This past week we had John's mom (Connie or Mim as we call her) come out to visit.  She brought John's sister, Julie and her 2 girls.  So it was fun to celebrate with family!  We also had the "surprise" arrival of "Flat Daddy."  I figured if I am going to have to endure this deployment, I want to do as well as I can...so we got a "flat daddy" to have some fun!  Sometimes, humor is necessary or certainly helpful to survive.  So flat daddy got to come to dinner with Lauren.

As soon as they left we had a visit from my parents from Tucson, AZ.  It was a trip planned long before Christmas, but unfortunately they did not get to see John in person.  Nevertheless, it was a good diversion to have family around to entertain the children and to help me with the daily routine of meals, baths, etc.  Thank you Mim, Aunt Julie, Mary, Mattie, Grandma and Papa Wally...we love you all and in times like these we are especially thankful for family!

Mim, Daddy and Lauren (sorry for the glare..."flat daddy" just radiates!!)

A birthday kiss!

How we talk to John...this was when he was in D.C. hence the nice background (a hotel).
*You might notice the saying I have above the TV...I think the Lord knew I would have to look at this every time I am looking at this wall in our family room!

The girls enjoying Lauren's birthday lunch at the Phoenician (a local restaurant)

Her sweet little cake

A proud mom and her son.  She never really got to say good-bye since he had to leave so quickly.

Emma and daddy

Daddy at dinner!

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Julie Whitman said...

The "flat John" at the table is hilarious. You all are doing great at keeping a sense of humor as much as able. John's little "bunk" and "home" are far from cozy. Is there a way to send things to him while he is deployed? If so, I would love to have the address to send him some sort of goody box. We are praying for you all in MS, as well as John while he is away. Julie, Bernie, Anna, and Krista