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Friday, January 27, 2012

John's Address

Many people have asked about John's address so I have been told there is no reason that I cannot post it here.  His address is:

John Childs
Task Force MED East/JC2RT
APO AE 09354

(please do not use his rank)
I have used the regular mail (APO addresses are about the same as mailing in the US).  Also the flat rate boxes work for APO addresses and then it doesn't matter the weight so that is good for heavy stuff.  It is about 1-2 weeks for things to get there (although I mailed a big heavy box about 11 days ago and it still hasn't arrived)...it has his pillow in it!

As for what he needs...he is provided for fairly well (thanks to your tax dollars already!)  Even though he says he doesn't "need" anything, I do think personal notes (so he can keep up with life in the states) are going to be good morale boosters for him.  He also mentioned beef jerky and microwave popcorn.  His favorite candy is starburst and skittles.  So those are just a few ideas.  Some of you with experience may have more clever ideas!

His email is also the same as before.  He has several addresses so keep whichever one you have, but
john @texpts.com also works if you need a new one!

The hard thing right now for me in adjusting is that I am very used to talking with him 3-4 times per day.  Even though he was extremely busy, we would keep in touch frequently.  I now have about 10 minutes once a day (usually around noon...which is lunch time and kind of busy here) to talk with him.  It is about 10:30 pm then (there is a 10.5 hour time change) and so he is tired and anxious to get a few hours of work done to go to bed.  We may be able to find a better system, but I really miss talking to him in the evenings and telling him about our day!

I am also learning that I need to be even more intentional than I was in the past about making plans and doing things with the kids.  Our life is so different here than in San Antonio. I do not have a full calendar (I think part of God's whole purpose?) and we do not have a ton of friends, so I need to be very proactive about being purposeful!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement...to me and to John!

God is good and He is good ALL THE TIME!

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