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Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Takes a Village...

Since moving to Mississippi, John has been working to assemble a great group of Physical Therapists to work at Keesler AFB.  There have been 3 contract PTs hired and 5 interns who began an internship in January.  They have all moved here from various places around the country to study and learn under John. Some are single and some have families so we have been trying to help them get situated.  Of course now John is not here.  But he will be back, and in the meantime, they have done a great job in their particular roles of teaching, education and clinical work.  I can only imagine how fun it is to be in the PT clinic with all these guys!

They have also been particularly sweet to my family.  Kevin has been here the longest and has taken the boys especially under his wing.  He has come to all their birthday parties, Monday night football at our home (which is really just wrestle time with the boys) and really gotten to know our family.  Now that John is gone, he along with some of the others have taken the boys to Saturday morning breakfast (a tradition John has been doing for years), helped to set up my TV, and have been so good at playing football and soccer with the kids.  

A couple weekends ago, we all went to pizza and a hockey game together.  The Mississippi Surge was really a fun team to watch...and some of the fans were even more fun to watch...true loyalty!  Here are some pictures from that night.

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